From the beginning of time to the unpredictable ends, life has to offer you something crazy, something exciting, and something beyond your imaginations. You think you’d just be a graduate or will have a better job. Or perhaps would experience love at first sight by your chosen age, BUT life is full of surprises. You lose people, and you meet, and you make memories, MEMORIES TO BECOME PART OF YOU and last forever.

They say time is an illusion, but we remember the second we meet someone. Someone that our soul sparks with and when they are close it completely ignites disguising and walking into each other’s universe and removing the darkness within. That day was 31st December 2018, the night where the failures of the past 365 days were about to shred from our shoulders and happiness and hope of the next year welcomes us! THE memorable day in Hoi An, Vietnam when I found someone, I would want to JUST HOLD ON TO. I guess I am being too romantic here, but that’s what happened two years ago, when I met Elias and spent two days of eternity together with him.


Love at first sight

It was love at first sight! And we both knew it! But life decided to make this harder for us, so we had to part separate ways.

The small, lonely island of Iceland was his home, and Austria was mine, living almost 3000 miles apart yet a text away. Therefore we were most close yet far. So, in love yet unable to reach each other’s hand to hold. We kept texting for a month, but life got us busy. With our lives offering us our own tragedies and certain things flowing our way those miles actually seemed too far at that moment and we lost touch. NO GRUDGES HELD.


Out of the blue

Then in September, the universe surprised me with another chance with Elias after he texted me out of the blue. After all, we never ended things on bad terms and we truly cared for each other so remembering each other when life left us clues of the new year day’s memories were mandatory. He had an opportunity for me and thinking that I reminded him of this made me happy. I always appreciated anyone who truly cared for my success and growth and there he was asking me to participate in an interview and that’s where we begin our ride again and we picked off where we left. The feeling of someone whom you can’t part ways with no matter how much you try is exceptionally deep, and truth be told we both had each other’s back had it not for those thousand miles between us. We started texting again and then in the blink of an eye we were talking like madmen’s search for purpose. Hours went by and we kept talking about everything in the world. Sometimes on call without a break for three to four hours straight.

This was around last year when after a great summer the COVID pandemic took over our lives again and the world felt dull. With travel bans in Europe and outdoor restrictions meeting each other only became a dream of ours.

Sometimes I thought it was all just a dream, like the Wattpad stories I used to read where they met for short time and never got to see each other. BUT part of me knew that something would pull us together – Perhaps the universe will.


The reunion

After nearly two years of waiting and all hopes set to get to spend time together again, it was finally happening. I will get to see the person that I have been talking to consistently. December 17th 2020 the happiest day where we got to meet each other and actually lived a second chance.

He had flown all those miles and had come to Austria just for me. THE THOUGHT OF IT still excites me to my cores.

We spent Christmas together along with my family. He stayed this time but not for long enough just two weeks. And dare I say that those were the most amazing 2 weeks I have ever lived.

Were these two weeks enough? I asked him and he said, “an eternity with you, my madam” And he proved it. Taking me to the top of a mountain to enjoy a sunset over Salzburg and to a light stroll through Hallstatt which fell silent due to no tourists and cherished once again with our laughter.

Elias and me at the top of Gaisberg
We got to watch the most beautiful sunset on the top of a mountain in Salzburg.

From the care, he showed by cooking and pampering me, while I attended university and prepared for exams to the traditional three New year’s magical kisses that follow Vietnamese Time, Austrian Time, Icelandic Time all distinctly.

And above all, me ranting about life and him looking deep in my eyes and accepting some of the silly talks this was my dream man, my fictional fantasy all here in front of me. I knew I adored this man for being such a good listener.

The sheer panic of losing him after some time but the hope he gave me that we will be together because we were meant to be.  However, he had to leave and so he did, a little too sad and lonely again.

But if there is anything that makes our love stronger it is the distance.


The pain of long-distance relationships

If you think that long-distance relationships are tough, I will definitely agree. But if you think you can’t make things work when it’s about love and the bond, you’d ever experience again, then I’d say you are wrong. You must thrive for it. Like us, we made schedules to talk but Oh! To wait for the day to end and as the clock strikes 8 pm we hop on the call and create the world aloof from the chaos of reality. Yes! I am a hopeful romantic. And why shouldn’t I be? I got my Mr. Darcy.

Why Mr. Darcy? because surprisingly my beloved sends me not just letters but SCENTED LETTERS that carry his smell, his aura, his warmth across miles to me, and the poems that it holds, make me fall for him over and over again. And to think that all of this resulted out of love at first sight, is really impressive, to be honest.

If my life with Elias could be summed up in a minute I would see nothing but romance straight out of the 90’s classics. All those love letters through snail mail for the sake of keeping the touch of true love alive and calls to take a walk into each other’s life for hours is something that keeps us together.

Finally, we will see each other during the Easter break and will continue our long-distance romance till I finish my university in 1.5 years (which obviously I can’t wait to end) and then we have to decisions to make, but till then we will continue to grow and live our lives together.

Elias and me in Hallstatt
We took a walk through the empty streets of Hallstatt.

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